Becoming a Protege

The PennDOT Mentor Protégé Program provides an avenue to connect experienced PennDOT consultants with new and growing DBs, and DBEs to assist with building or expanding their experience in the industry, including assisting them to move into non-traditional areas of consultation work.

Tips For Proteges. To ensure eligibility, proteges must be a certified DBE with the Pennsylvania Unified Certification Program (PAUCP). There are specific areas of concentration that mentors will be looking for, including heavy highway construction and civil engineering disciplines for heavy highway projects. If your company is not seeking a focus in the heavy highway industry, the PennDOT Mentor-Protege Program may not be appropriate for your needs. It’s important for proteges to remember that your Mentor-Protege Program tier is not necessarily based on your experience. It’s based on your PennDOT ECMS status, which may change through the course of your participation in this program.

2. Visit Your Tier Room

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Tiers are based on ECMS status

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Tier 1 Room

Proteges not yet BPR

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Tier 2 Room

Proteges not actively Qualified or PreQualified

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3. Connect with a Mentor

Proteges are ready to work

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